Mapping Autism Services in Georgia

The map was conceived and designed to help people in Georgia navigate and coordinate autism services. Additionally, it provides an educational tool for those learning about the relationship between structural inequities and location of autism services across the state of Georgia.

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Visualizing the Service Cliff

Visualize how access to autism services for adults differs from access for children and youth.

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Screenshot form Service Cliff Visualization, depicting a bar chart showing the number of service providers by age they work with, according to Parent to Parent data. The highest bar, shown in blue and labeled '6-11 Years,' is at ~250 providers, while the bar labeled '21 + Years' and shown in red, has only ~125 providers. There is a red line following bars to show the decline.

The Team

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Singh

Dr. Jennifer Singh

Jennifer Singh, Associate Professor in the School of History and Sociology at Georgia Tech, investigates the social, cultural, and political intersections of genetics, health, and society. This project was born from her research on the structural inequities to autism diagnosis and services.

Photo of Elise Zheng

Elise Zheng

Elise Zheng, PhD student in History and Sociology of Science and Technology, has worked on the project from the beginning. She helped conduct focus groups, and identify data sources for the autism services map, and created some initial maps using Tableau.

Photo of Freyja Brandel-Tanis

Freyja Brandel-Tanis

Freyja Brandel-Tanis is a dual master’s student in City and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering studying transportation. She joined the project to build the autism services map using R Shiny.

Photo of Shrishti


Shrishti recently graduated from Georgia Tech with a master’s in Computer Science. She created the data visualization of the adult autism services cliff.

This project was funded by a 2020-2021 Ivan Allen College Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center (DILAC) Grant.